Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So this will be final post of this blog. In this final post I would like to encourage everyone, if you want to buy a Nokia phone make sure that you get the ORIGINAL set! Apparently, Nokiaphone can be purchased from many unauthorized dealer with cheaper price but it will not be the same with the original ones. Why I said that? Because although the appearence will look exactly the same but there will be some limitations of usage if u buy the un-original one.Furthermore, you won't be able to get the support services from Nokia in case anything happen to your phone. So don't take the risk!

But how to know if your Nokia is origial?

Well you will see a hologram sticker that looks like this
on the battery when u buy the original set.Look at the hologram label. You should see the Nokia connecting hands symbol from one angle and the Nokia Original Enhancements logo from another angle.

This will NEVER be the case for Nokia

I've experienced using Nokia phone for quite some times and the durability and endurance of the phone is simply amazing. You see I'm a little bit rough and careless with my things most of the times. My phone will either accidentally dropped and fell on the ground, or being tossed by the small kids at home because I simply place the phone everywhere or many other silly incidents. But even when all these rash things happen to my phone, it will always be in a perfect condition. That is why I would always stick to Nokia. Even when I drop it one meter from the ground none of it parts will detached from the phone. The most is you will see the housing split off from the phone only but the phone still look as good. And even so if the housing couldn't be used anymore you can always get a replacement for it because Nokia housing is replaceable. There was once when my friend dropped her Samsung phone and it sufferred critical injury. The phone actually split into 2(between the back part and front part of the phone)and she had to use a rubber band to secure them back together and use it. But this will never be the case for Nokia!

For instance if we made a comparison between Sony Ericsson and Nokia, Sony always have this problem with it's keypad after some times of using it but not the case for Nokia. (to Sony lovers no offence, I just made this comparison out of my owm visual experience =)

This video below shows what happen to Nokia phone after being washed with water:

n the result is it's still FINE!

My Recent Nokia

The above Nokia phone is the model of Nokia that I'm currently using. This is the third Nokia phone that i ever own. What i find interesting about this model is it's elegant slim design and the color screen.The colour of the screen is simply fantastic because it's so bright and vibrant! Apparently, the emphasis of this phone is on it's colour screen and that's why it has 16.7 million ft color display! In fact this model is said to have the best color screen among the other Nokia models.

This model has a 2MP camera integrated at the back of the phone. However, although it is only 2MP but if compare to other other Nokia phones that has the same 2MP camera, this model gives out better and sharper picture.

For instance try comparing the Nokia 7310 Supernova with Nokia 6300.

Although Supernova might look more cheerful and colourful but trust me the camera isn't as good as Nokia 6300.The look of Nokia 6300 colour sreen is exactly as clear as the image above.Believe it or not!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nokia 5800 Express Music

Nokia express music is one of the latest models newly released by Nokia and it’s one of my favorite! If you check on Nokia website, there is an ad on this phone posted at the homepage.

Here's the print screen from the website.

I’m sooo loving this phone! This phone is one of the coolest phones ever-released by Nokia and what’s making it even more cooler is the touch screen design that looks just like the Apple iPod Touch!

Indeed, this phone has a very similar design with iPod Touch that I sometimes mistook it as iPod when I saw it on magazines or posters.(Oh, iPod touch is another thing that gets me all-so-psyched about it =p). iPod did come out with a product that combines the functions of iPod + mobile phone which is known as iPhone. Apparently, people were getting so eager by the released of this phone. But good news to those wanting this phone by Apple, currently iPhone has reached Malaysia through Maxis! Yeah… Although iPhone seems to look very interesting but there are some functions in the phone that are not too ‘interesting’. I hear that is Apple strategy (by omitting some of the functions which i think is silly) because they are trying to be different than the phones in market. For instance I hear that iPhone doesn’t enable forwarding text message and you can only Bluetooth to from iPhone to iPhone only. So in this case, to those who wanted to buy iPhone I recommend you to get this Nokia 5800 exress music by Nokia instead. Particularly because

1. Nokia is the leader in mobile producing, next…

2. If you need a phone, it’s better to get a good one so you won’t get frustrates with the hassle of using it, next…

3. Nokia express music has better performance than iPhone and you can still store a bulk of music with its large storage capacity, lastly…

4. This phone looks almost like iPhone but has better specifications!
Hence, I can guarantee you that you won’t regret buying this phone. It’s touch screen just like iPhone guys! And currently many other mobile companies have seemed to come out with touch screen technology as well like Samsung and LG. Yet, I still think this one by Nokia is the best.
I saw one girl in my uni holding this phone and I sorted of eyeing at her phone secretly. LOL! This phone is simply amazing. Every time I saw the TV ads, I drool! (And I hate the TV keep showing the ad to irritate me! Haha!)

P/s: But here’s another recommendation to those iPod lovers, maybe you can get iPod Touch together with Nokia express music if it makes you feel better. At least you have two things that give you the best of quality and satisfaction! If I were you (and if I have the $$$ of course…) I would get both! LOL

Is there any of you who are using this phone now? Would you like to leave some comments or remarks about this Nokia Express Music? Feel free to do so =)

Reminiscing Your Memory

Hey all you Nokia fans! Are you holding a Nokia phone now in your palm? Lol! This post that I’m posting is going to again recall your memory on another everyone-wants-to-have-phone brought by Nokia that got people all around went overly excited! So you can consider this to be the part 2 of ‘Down the Memory Lane’ but I kinda change the title a bit too make it sounds more interesting and meaningful than just sticking the number 2 after the title (which I found it quite boring to do so again because I had posts with part 1 & part 2 before if you realize *grin*)
So what was the phone that made people went ‘goo-goo and gah-gah’ again? Is there another phone that dares to snatch the ultimate champion Nokia 3210 spot?!!! And even steals and snatches away all the attention and affection from the champion?

Yes!!! It’s the Nokia 3310!

This phone was the next hype after 3210 and even the model number is upgraded to another digit from 2 to 3. Haa! So from this you can tell that the function and appearance of this model are also better than the older one.

It wasn’t really actually the upgrade version of Nokia 3210. I would say it’s a new different model from Nokia. This time around more people were having this phone even the younger generation of my time. This is true because at the time of it released, more people have seem to adapt with using ‘handphone’. And this time if you hit someone on the street and your phone fell, it was harder to recognize which is whose because this model comes with one original color only, blue, unless they change the housing to other color.

The functions of this phone and 3210 were just basic unlike the phones that we have now. The screen is not colored, no radios, videos nor cameras, the ringing tone was monotone and you have to buy this tone from the service provider list which can be found in magazines or newspapers (the prices range from RM3.50-5.00. But I hardly saw this service in magazines anymore). Well you can make & receive calls, send & receive message, and play games from this phone! Talking about games, thanks to Aishah my classmates who commented on my second posts, she mentioned about the Snake game! True, Nokia was very popular with its Snake game even till now. If Nokia phones revolve so does the Snake game! The older version of the game was colorless and less innovative but it was just as interesting!

These two models from Nokia was the only models that I’m able to keep track with the model number because after that Nokia sort of flood the market with myriad of models as phone technology was progressing rapidly and there were a lot of competitors in the market . If I want to know what all the Nokia models are, I’ll just check them on Nokia website.
So guys, any of you who have got any fond memory and experience with these two phones? Feel free to share them and leave your comments!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Down the Memory Lane

Still remember what was the first Nokia phone that made people went ‘goo-goo-gah-gah’ over it? The Nokia phone that almost every single living thing on earth wants to have and must have? Any ideas guys? Okay, perhaps some of you might have forgotten all about this great-great-grandfather of Nokia phone. Let me take you down the memory lane and help you to pick up the pieces of your memory that was scattered along the lane. LOL!

I embedded a very old sentimental korean love song to suit this mood.It's titled My Memory from the drama Winter Sonata. Lolz! So click the player running while u go thru this post!

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This phone was a widespread phenomenon back at that time it was released, which should be roughly in the year 1998 or 99. Firstly because, this phone was considered to be the smallest phone, handiest phone and antenna-less unlike this phone below,

which is so incredibly bulky (of course heavy) yet funnily but true, this was used to be known as a mobile phone! R u SERIOUS?!!! This is not even mobile or handy to be carried around! I’d say it’s more of a hassle to carry this thing along with you! I’ve seen this kind of phone in reality because my uncle used to own this phone and would bring it with him (yeah, because it’s a mobile phone right? Obviously you would bring it with your side *sniggers*) when I was a kid (4-5 years old maybe?).

Okay back to this Nokia 3210 (would never forget this number *geez*), I recalled to have seen this phone everywhere in every people’s hand. My eldest sister own this phone (although she bought it quite later compared to others and used this the longest compared to others too, when the rest of the people already switched to other phones =p), my second, third and fourth sister had this phone as well, my sister’s friends, my next-door neighbor, and people I met on the streets. LOL!

Apparently, this phone was so popular that if u accidentally hit into somebody while you were walking in the street, and got each other’s phone fling and fell on the street, both of you might pick up on the wrong phone unknowingly and still thought it’s your own. LoL! That was how popular it was!

Ermm...but I never had this phone because it was too old and I was too young back then to own a phone. =)